CBI Version Released!

First update of the New Year!

  • You can now preview a character/location image from the Issues window by Right-Clicking and choosing “Preview Image”. This is also available as a Right-Click option on the Characters and Locations forms for related items.
  • Navigator sidebar images are now loaded directly from the server. This is a holdover from before I moved the image library online, and just hadn’t gotten around to changing it. This helped reduce the program file size a bit, too!
  • Fixed the problem with not being able to quickly find issue numbers from the dropdown list at the top of the Issues form. An extra space was being added into a field that the list drew info from, so it couldn’t understand what it was looking at. All better now!

Lots of behind-the-scenes tweaks to increase functionality, and several changes to Editor-side business to make their jobs easier!

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