CBI Version Released!

The New & Improved Creators window is now available, as well as the Advanced Search window!


  • Added ADVANCED SEARCH window for looking up multiple characters, locations, or creators simultaneously. This will allow users to find all stories where, for instance, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor appear together. Or you can now search out stories by creative teams, like Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Very powerful searching tool!
  • Added capability for users to name report files for custom searches.
  • Revised Creators form with more filter options, creator stats, etc.
  • Fixed code to load last filters on startup, still more testing to be done.
  • Added Search menu to Navigator, Issues, Characters, and Locations for easier access to advanced searching options


  • Fixed issue with flag icon no going away after a cover scan was uploaded.
  • Fixed issue with Titles and creators with apostrophes in their names breaking the SQL statements.
  • Fixed issue with Titles not loading Issue lists correctly
  • Added counter to the quick locator form
  • Fixed error where Indexer listing on Titles form wasn’t populating
  • Added code for Cancel/Delete menu options on Issues window.
  • Fixed issue with code for adding a title from the Issues form if title did not already exist.
  • Fixed issue on Editor Control Panel where lists counters were not resetting if there were 0 records available.

Adv_Search_2014 Creators_New_2014-04-30


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