Latest Release Notes!

I’ll be posting a bulleted list of major and minor changes for each release, for those who enjoy reading about that sort of thing!

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  1. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    CBI Version Release Notes!

    -Changed Issue List Queries to load quicker
    -Added Advanced Filtering options on Characters and Locations windows
    -Added FTP Image Upload support for Editors to upload images from directly within the program
    -Added a Flag icon to the cover image area to show issues that need new images
    -Added icons to Right-Click menus
    -Double-Clicking on a Character or Location from the Issues form will now open a new instance of the form each time
    -There is now an Editor function to add Classifications to Characters and Groups and Users to Locations and Items to make for more varied filtering options
    -Renaming a character or location now also renames the associated image.

    And many more background tweaks and editor-enhancements!

  2. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    CBI Version Release Notes!

    -Added a Help Menu item for this Blog, and redirected the Version History link to this page instead of a .txt file as I’d been doing before

    -Added a new table to the database to help populate the Classifications dropdown for Editors

    -Added Up, Down, Remove options to the Classifications listbox.

    -Added a form to search classifications. Once Character records get updated, this will become a very valuable part of the application.

    -Revised SQL query on the Characters window to look in both Character names and the Notes field for related characters names. This will be useful, for example, by listing a mother’s name under her child’s record. The child will then show up as a related character on her entry.

  3. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    CBI Version Release Notes!

    -Characters window is now larger! Images are bigger and listboxes have more visible space!

    -Added “Print to File” option to Classification Search results, so users can output data to a printable file! Print buttons are now available on forms as well!

    -Fixed code that was crashing the “Find Data” feature on Characters and Locations

    -Fixed code to allow uploading of images to characters with a “#” in their name.

    -Added checkbox to Image Upload to show an upload confirmation if desired. By default it just uploads the image and closes the form.

    -On the Class Search window, moved radio buttons below the listbox for better form flow.

    -Added a related Locations & Items listbox to the Locations & Items form

    -Revised the SQL code on the Characters form to search Location Names for characters (i.e. – “Peter Parker’s Apartment” will now show up automatically as a related location for Peter Parker)

    -Set character or location name as the first text on the title bar of the form (i.e. – “Hobgoblin’s Hideout – Locations & Items” will display at the top of the form.

    -Added listbox counts to related articles labels.

    -Updated color of labels and grouping labels to Dark Red across the board (some forms had it, some didn’t)

    -Reconfigured code on the “Add Users” dialog for Locations to load information faster.

    -Added Right-Click options to the listbox of the “Add Users” dialog to allow for moving and removing of items in the list.

    -Disabled “Add to Note” button on “Add Class” and “Add Users” dialogs to keep user from adding a blank space to the Notes.


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