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This page will be where the latest program changes and bugfixes are discussed

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  1. avatarRog Post author

    Work is currently progressing on several changes to the Characters and Locations windows, the largest of which is adding filtering options to the appearances lists. For example, you will now be able to filter the result list down the show only appearances for a certain year, only appearances where the character/location was behind the scenes or only appears in flashback, etc.

    I’m also working on redesigning the forms to be visually more appealing.

    Hoping to have an update available for download sometime in early December!

  2. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    Finalized some code changes on the Characters and Locations forms today. Users can now open multiple instances of these forms simultaneously.

    Both forms now have added filtering options as mentioned in the first post.

    The Characters form now has a listbox for related records; basically this means that if you’re looking at the entry for Peter Parker, this new list will show any characters with Peter Parker as an alias (ie: Spider-Man (Peter Parker). These can be clicked on and opened in a separate window.

    I fixed a problem with Character and Location names that contained apostrophes causing errors in the program.

    I’ll be testing these additions and fixes over the next few days, and should be uploading a new revision to the website by next weekend!

  3. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    Added functionality for Editors to upload image files directly to the server from within the program. I have been uploading all images myself via FileZilla since I started coding the program, so this is a welcome addition to the application!

    Next up is figuring out how to rename files on the server. This will come in handy for times when a character name changes (ie if we learn a character’s dual identity), so the program can update all appearances AND change the image filename to reflect the change.

  4. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    Over the last few days I added code to automatically rename image files when a Character or Location name changes. For example, if we have a character whose real name is not known, that character would be entered as “Character A (Unrevealed)”. If we learn the character’s real name and change it in the app to “Character A (John Smith)”, the program will now rename the associated image behind the scenes!

    Looking at a new release upload sometime this next week!

  5. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    As part of my maintenance release today, I also included a new Search Classifications button to the Characters window. We’ve just begun adding classes to characters and groups, and this Search form will allow users to filter data down to very specific character archetypes!

    I’m really excited about this one!

  6. avatarRoger Ott Post author

    Working on a new update, which will include an image preview for creators, characters and locations. A right-click menu on any item in the listboxes will now allow you to preview a thumbnail image of the item (if available).

    Other enhancements for behind the scenes stuff also in the works!


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