Version Maintenance Release

Release mainly to fix some minor issues that cropped up since the last major update and to implement a few new features that were already in the pipeline


  • Fixed code that wasn’t refreshing the Issues list on the Navigator when link was clicked
  • Moved Search button to bottom of Navigator buttons
  • Added “Search by Date” Right-Click option to Issues. Right-Click on the Title, Issue & Date label at the top of the form and you can now quickly load the Search window to find a specific date.
  • Fixed code that wasn’t loading form headers correctly


  • Right-Click option on Issues window to mark title indexing COMPLETE if you’ve indexed all the issues for a title. This will save having to open the Titles window and manually change the Indexing Status there.
  • Quick Locator – Revised Image Preview code to handle locations
  • Added “Create Task” Right-Click option to Issues, Characters and Locations forms to assist in creating tasks for specific items. It will open the Taskmaster and fill in some of the info for the Task title, though it can be edited to suit.
  • Added “Search Classifications” Right-click option to Locations (already available on the Characters window, just forgot it on Locations).
  • Fixed issue with Navigator not processing saved username info correctly.

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