CBI Celebrates 1 Year with New Release – Version!

One year ago today, I released the public beta of the Comic Book Index. To celebrate, I’m releasing a new revision with many updates.

And we also just hit the 8,000th indexed story on March 31st!


Comic Book Index Version – Release Notes


  • Revised Titles form; now includes Filter options
  • Added Filter options to Characters and Locations
  • Navigator now has a Search button on the left. Moved Database Refresh to a link at the bottom of the issues list.
  • Double-Clicking on a character or location from the Issues form now loads only that item into the Characters or Locations window
  • Changed the default image if there isn’t an image to load
  • Removed Filter button from Characters and Locations windows; redundant with inclusion of Filter options
  • Added Classifications for Locations and Items
  • Fixed error that caused Search form to error out if no records existed
  • Search Classifications revised to include Locations & Items classifications
  • Search Classifications now updates as classes are added to or deleted from the search list; removed search button
  • Revised filtering code to allow for better recalling of previous filters.
  • Fixed coding error that wasn’t allowing reports to be printed and saved properly. Now creates a folder in users My Documents for “Comic Book Index Reports” and sub-folders for Issues, Characters, Locations, and Searches.


  • When editing a record, a prompt will now remind editor to add a note regarding their edit of the particular record.
  • If you attempt to save an edited record but do not include a note, a prompt will remind you to add details of your edit.
  • Navigator now displays the number of open tasks you have and the number of issues added or edited. These update automatically whenever you return to the Navigator.
  • When you save an issue, program now checks to make sure there is an associated title, and prompts editor to add it if not.
  • Added Classifications to Locations and Items
  • Quick Lookup – Added a textbox to the form instead of using the Add Characters window
  • Changed Add Classifications to include the new Locations/Items options
  • Revised the form for adding characters to the Notes portion of Classifications. Added prefixes to help automate the process of adding character relationships.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the Issues form to crash if you edited the cover date and tried to save.
  • Titles window – If there is no text in the End Date box when saving, program now prompts for it.
  • Fixed code that was causing information from Quick Lookup form to fill both Add Characters and Add Locations forms.
  • Fixed bug that wasn’t allowing image renaming on characters or locations with an apostrophe in the name.

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