There are multiple options for filtering down to the data you want. By default, Issues & Stories filters for titles with the letters A-C. The default filter can be changed via the Options Tab

Begin by typing in the Search box. As you type, the title list will automatically filter the results.

From the result list, choose the title you want to open. Click the Quick Search  button to quickly find the first matching story in the list, if a story from that title has been indexed.

Double-click on the particular story you want from the list to open the Issues detail window.

Clicking on the  button will open up a list of ALL indexed issues of the selected title in a new window. For Characters, Groups, Locations and Items, it will attempt to open the search text in a new window.

TIP: When typing out a title name, if you have a specific issue in mind, continue after the title shows in the list and include the issue number (i.e. #123) in the search text. When you click on the Quick Search button, the program will find that specific story if it is indexed.


Right-Click in the Issues & Stories listbox for the following menu options:

From here you can open the selected item from the list, open a random item from the list, and change the sort order. By default, it sorts by Title & Issue. You can also choose to sort by the Cover Date, Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A).