Right-click on an empty Cover, Character, Group, Location, or Item main image, and then choose the "Upload Image File" or "Upload Main Image File" option.

You'll get a File Open dialog where you can choose an image from a local source on your machine.

Cover images should be in .JPG format only, and follow the title and issue number of the subject, excluding the "#" symbol. For example, Invincible Iron Man v3 #006 would have a cover image named Invincible Iron Man v3 006.jpg

Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items can be in .GIF or .PNG format.

Once and image is chosen, you'll see the following:

File name, file size and image dimensions are shown.

You have the option to choose a different image if the one displayed is not what you intended by clicking on

Check the checkbox if you want a message letting you know the upload was successful.

Click  to copy the image from your local location to the CBI Server. Once the transfer is complete, the upload dialog will disappear and the image will be loaded into the appropriate form.

Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items now have 4 total image slots available in Version 2.0!  Using the above as an example, the main image is named Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross). The three additional image slots would be named Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) (01), Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) (02), and Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) (03). These are uploaded using the Batch Uploader, as described below.



Images now support Drag and Drop uploading to speed up the process of uploading individual images. Just drag an image file in the formats noted above onto the appropriate form where the image should go. It will then upload the file and display it. If the image does not display, check the spelling and capitalization of the file name and file format to make sure they are correct.


Uploading multiple images is now a snap with the new Batch Image Uploader.

The Batch Uploader is available from the Navigator Control Panel tab and from the Tools menu:

And also invoked from the Right-Click option for uploading the three additional image slots on Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items:

You can only upload to one location at a time (Issues, Characters & Groups, Locations & Items, or Creators) from the dropdown.

Click on  to open a file dialog to choose files on your system for upload.

Click on a line in the list to preview the image

Click on  to remove all files from the list.

Click on  to begin the Batch Upload process. The program will cycle through the list of files and upload them to the server. If there are any errors, these will be displayed in the Notifications area. Once all files are uploaded, a message will appear that uploads were successful.


.GIF and .PNG images are used for Characters and Locations because portions of the image can be transparent and show through when displayed on the appropriate form. .GIF file sizes are generally smaller than .PNG files, because they use less colors.

In general, full body shots of characters should have transparent backgrounds. If you're not familiar with transparency, please contact roger@comicbookindex.net for help.