The Taskmaster form is for Editors to create and assign tasks to themselves or other editors. It can be invoked from the Navigator Taskmaster Link or from the Tools menu:

Or from context (Right-Click) menus on other forms:

TIP: Opening from Context (Right-Click) menus is best for creating new tasks, as it prefills part of the Task title and creates a link to the record it was invoked from.

Task titles should be descriptive enough for other Editors to understand the general nature of the Task without reading the details.

Task Details should be as thorough as possible to provide clear instruction on what the task entails, especially if another Editor may be working on it.

Assign the task to yourself or another Editor.

Status defaults to Pending Start. Change to other options as appropriate.

Set the Priority based on critical need.

Due by Date: Set a date the task should be completed by. This is not a hard rule, and there are no penalties for going past the date. This is merely to give a hopeful completion date for the task.