The Quick Add form can be accessed two ways: From the Navigator tabs for Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items  button, or when entering any of those record types on the Issues & Stories window and create a new item.

This form acts as a fast option to begin creating records by applying basic data templates and classifications.

At a minimum, a name must be typed into the textbox. Choose a template from the dropdown if applicable and click on the  button to add the template items.

For Groups, Locations and Items, there will be Classifications avaiable instead of templates.

Check the checkbox if you want the text to be available for the next item you create. Leaving it unchecked will clear all the textboxes after each item is created.

Click on  to create a new item. If this form was invoked from the Add Characters window on the Issues & Stories form, the Quick Add form will close, otherwise it will stay open for more items to be created.

If you are unsure of the item you need to create, you can search for similar items by clicking on the Search button


This will expand the Quick Add form to show a search area:

Type in the textbox and click on the  button

Right-Click within the list for options to preview the item image or open the item in a detail window.