The Navigator is the central hub where everything about the Comic Book Index begins.

There are eight tabs available (plus an Options tab), which allow you to filter data very specifically before opening the relevant windows.

NOTE: The Version 1.0 interface only included a listing of issues. All other data was accessed by clicking on the buttons (Characters & Groups, Locations & Items, etc). Version 2 uses a tabbed interface, and also splits up Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items to separate tabs.

Each tab has a Filter bar at the top (Issues & Stories shown here):

Clicking on a radio button will load data corresponding to the appropriate alphabetical restrictions. The above will load any issues and stories beginning with the letters A, B and C.

NOTE: Version 1.0 loaded all data. As the database grows, this slows down performance. By filtering for a smaller subset of data, the program response time is significantly increased.

The Search All radio button will clear the Alphabetical filters and allow the user to search openly for any text, as shown below:


From the Navigator File Menu, you can open the application directory (this is the location where the application was installed), open the Editor Login panel, or exit the application.


The Navigator Filters menu allows for custom filtering options for each subject (Issues, Creators, Characters/Groups, Locations/Items, Titles, and Story Arcs).

You can also access the Creative Team Search, Classification and Advanced Search options for Characters/Groups and Locations/Items. These options are also available on the tab for each respective subject, as well as the individual forms when opened. Filter and Search options are covered in detail under the Manipulating Data heading.


The Navigator Tools menu allows you to open a Random Story, View Today's Edits , Open the Reports folder (which holds custom reports you can generate from within the application), and open the Images folder, where covers, character and location images you choose to download are stored.


The Help menu has links to open the applicaton's Online Help file, access additional research resources, visit the CBI webiste and blog, and view current release notes. You can also check for application updates to ensure you have the latest version. NOTE: The application automatically checks for updates each time it loads.

View the About window to see program information.

Show the Watcher opens a floating Watcher head, a work in progress assistant to the CBI app which can regale users with Marvel Universe trivia and access common functions within the app from a convenient place. This function will be in Beta phase.


As of 2017, the CBI has been in development for six years, during which time I have paid for all software, website hosting, etc out of my own pocket. The CBI is free for use, and I am not requiring any fees at all to continue to use it. However, if you would like to help with development costs, there is now a inobtrusive button on the Navigator interface that you can click which will take you to a Paypal page where you can donate any amount you would like. Thank you!