The Comic Book Index revolves around comic book stories. When you choose an option for opening issues and stories from the Navigator , the results will be displayed on the Issues & Stories window.

The basic elements of the Issues form are shown below:

The issues List will show the results of the filter option you chose from the Navigator. Data about the selected issue will display to the right of the list.

If a story or issue is part of a story arc or multi-title crossover, a clickable link will be shown. Clicking the link will open the Story Arcs window and display information.

TIP: Right-Clicking on the Cover Date will give you the option to view all indexed issues with that particular cover date in a new window.


Issue Navigation can be accomplished by scrolling the issues list and clicking on the issue you want. Alternately, there are Navigation buttons at the top of the form:

Click on  to move to the previous issue in the list

Click on  to move to the next issue in the list

Type an issue into the dropdown  or select it from the dropdown list, and click on  to quickly go to a particular issue.


Click on to open the CBI website Contact form, which will be automatically filled out with some basic information, as shown below:

Fill out the required fields and enter as much information as possible about the correction you're submitting. Please cite issue references for Editors to review.


Click the  button to print the issue/character/location data to a text file. The file will be saved in your Documents under Comic Book Index Reports folder into an appropriate sub-folder.

Click the  button to open the Reports folder


Click the  button to open the Find form:

Double-Click on a name in the Writers, Artists, or Cover Artists lists to open the Creators window.

Double-Click on a name in the Characters, Groups & Races list to open the Characters & Groups window. Same for the Locations & Items window.

Story synopsises, Flashbacks, and any Notes related to the story are contained in the tab group:

The References tab includes links to the previous or next issue of a crossover, an issue that is shown in flashback, an issue that's mentioned within the story, or the previous or next appearance of a character appearing in the current story. Single-clicking on a link will open that issue in a new window.


The Edit History tab contains notes of any edits done to the record. Also noted are the Indexer, the date of the most recent edit, and who performed the edit.


Right-click on the cover image to open a context menu:

From here, you can download the cover image to an image sub-directory within the Comic Book Index Data folder in My Documents.

You can also open up a cover gallery which will display all cover images from the selected title. WARNING: It can take a long time to load large cover galleries, dependant on your internet connection.

There is also a menu option to print the issue data to a text file. This is also available from the  button near the top right of the screen.

Right-click on the Issues listing to open a context menu:

From here, you can refresh the current filter, open a single issue/story in a new separate Issues & Stories window, open the Titles form to view information about the title, or resize the listbox to show more issues, as shown below: