The Comic Book Index connects to a remote MySQL database on a web server, allowing multiple users to access data simultaneously. If you have editing privileges, you can also add and update records. Images are also located on the web server, so there is no need to house a local copy of the image files or the database. The only things needed to run the Comic Book Index are a couple small program files that are included in the installer:

The Comic Book Index.exe - the program executable file that contains the program code.

MySql.Data.dll - the dynamic link library file that allows your computer system to understand the MySql database.

If your computer's operating system does not have the .NET Framework files required to run applications built using Visual Basic, the program will prompt you to download the runtime files from Microsoft's website.  Windows 7 and above should have the necessary files; any earlier Windows version (XP or Vista) may not run the CBI until the Framework files are installed.

If you have trouble with the installation or getting the program to run, please use the contact form on The Comic Book Index website to get in touch with us and we'll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.