Classifications & Affiliations searching queries the database using the data entered on Character and Location records, allowing the user to find very specific data and statistics.

There are several ways to invoke the Search Classifications window:

 From the Navigator, click the  button on the Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items tabs.

Or choose the Character or Location options from the Filter menu:

On each form there is a Search menu:

On the Characters and Locations forms, there is also a button:

Choose the  radio button to locate characters who have classifications for ALL items in the above list. Only characters who have all three classifications shown above will appear in the result list.

Choose the   radio button to locate characters who have classifications for ANY items in the above list. Characters who have any of the three classifications shown above will appear in the result list.

In this example, we want to locate characters who have Armored AND Normal Human in their classifications, so we'll leave  checked.

Select a Classification or Affiliation from the dropdown and click  to add it to the Search List.

The result list will update in real time when each search term is added or removed.

Adding the second search term narrows the result list further.

You can keep adding more search terms to narrow the result list even further.

To remove a search term or clear the Search List, select the item, then Right Click  and choose your option:

Choosing  will change the results by finding characters who have Armored OR Normal Human in their classifications:

Double-click on a name in the result list to open it in a new window, or click the  button.

View a character image by using the Preview Image option from the Right-Click menu:

Open an image gallery of the entire result list by using the Right-Click menu option above or by clicking the  button.

Create a report of your search by giving it a report file name:

Reports will be saved into the Comic Book Index Reports folder in your Documents library.

Clear all Search options and the result list by clicking