The Batch Data Update process allows Editors to assign specific Classification and other data to mulitple Characters, Groups, Locations, and Items at the same time. This is especially useful for updating large groups or organizations, such as members of SHIELD, Hydra, AIM, etc. Most Character, Group, Location, and Item records have little to no data entered as the vast majority were created when adding new Issue records.

To start the update process, choose Batch Classification Update from the Tools menu, then choose a sub-category:

Or, click on the Batch Data Update button from the Control Panel:

Using this method, a message popup asks which sub-category you would like to update:

Select and option, then click okay to open up the Data Configuration window:

Enter Classifications, Group Affiliations, Power Grid stats, and Related Characters in the same manner as when adding Data to Character or Location records. Please note, only include data that will be the same for multiple records.

After Building the Configuration Preview, send the configuration to the Batch Update form:

Begin typing in the dropdown box or choose entries from the list. Click  to add entries to the List for Classifications. Click  to remove entries. Click  to clear the List for Classifications.

Select an entry from the left list and click  to open the selected record in a new window to review current data.

You can make any final edits to the Classification Text before creating the records.

Click to overwrite any existing text that entries may already have. This cannot be undone once the records have been updated, so use this with caution. Leaving it unchecked will append the new data to the existing, preserving both. This is the safest option.

Click  to begin updating records. You will be given one final warning to abort the update:

Once this process has started, it cannot be stopped until all records have been updated.