Advanced Searching allows the user to search for multiple Characters, Locations, or specific Creative Teams that worked together. This is particularly useful if you want to know, as shown in the example below, where Iron Man, Captain America and Thor appeared together.

Advanced Searching can be invoked from the Navigator's Filters Menu:

Or from the Characters or Locations forms ADV Data Search button:

Or from the Search Menu on the Issues form:

The form defaults to the Search Option selection from the menus (Characters, Locations, or Creative Teams). You can switch Options whenever you like.

Select Characters or Groups to create search criteria and click :

After selection, click  to query the database. In the above scenario, the query will find all indexed stories that have Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor together.

By default, results are . You can also choose  for a more chronological report.

Open stories by double-clicking on the chosen item, or by clicking

Create a report of your search by giving it a report file name:

Reports will be saved into the Comic Book Index Reports folder in your Documents library.

The same rules apply to using Advanced Searching for Locations and Creative Teams. For example, if you wanted to know all stories where Chris Claremont and John Byrne were part of the Creative Team:

Next, we'll add longtime collaborator Terry Austin to the list and refresh: