CBI Version Released!

Most everything is on the Editor side this time out.

  • Character Quick Locator now has an Image Preview option
  • Quick Locator now automatically closes when you double-click on the character you want
  • Characters window – Added Right-Click menu to Related Locations & Items (forgot to enable it last time)
  • Characters & Locations windows – Added horizontal scrollbars to listboxes so you can see the entire text if it’s wider than the listbox.
  • Issues window – Removed the Up/Down/Delete options from the Right-Click menu and made buttons for them on the form. That menu was just getting long and cumbersome.
  • Issues window – If a story arc doesn’t have a part number, the part number labels don’t display. This just makes the form look cleaner instead of having a label showing that is essentially useless.
  • Issues window – Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing Editors to delete all creators from a listbox. When you saved, it wasn’t processing the “clear list” command properly and they would show back up again.
  • Issues window – Fixed bug that wasn’t saving the “Add New Cover Scan” request if you weren’t actually editing the issue at the time.
  • Titles window – Fixed a code bug that wasn’t displaying the list of Indexers correctly.
  • Search Classifications window – Added Right-Click “Preview Image” option to the result list.
  • Search Classifications window – Search results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Add Characters window – If you enter a team, and there are members indicated on the Characters form, the message box asking if you want to add the members is now easier to read as it displays each member on a separate line.
  • Story Arcs window – fixed bug that wasn’t displaying information properly. There’s still some work to do on this, but I’m going to be redesigning the form soon and I’ll tackle it then.
  • Control Panel – Fixed bug that wasn’t refreshing the task and title lists when the form first opened.

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